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Maiwei is the professional manufacturer of PET Bottle Blowing Machine & Extrusion Blowing Molding Machine and PET Preform Making Machine in China, we have more than 20 years of manufacturing experience on Blowing Machine and Preform Mold. There are 100 skilled workers and 20 advanced technicians in our factory. We have all type of PET bottle blowing machine and Extrusion Molding machine. Most of our customers will buy our machines and molds for the second or third time.

All Types of Blow Molding Machine Perform Mold and Making Machine Designed And Manufacturered at MAIWEI

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MaiWei Blow Molding Machine — Perform Mold and Making Machine Applications Served

1.Mineral water bottles(1-5gallon)

Mineral water bottles(1-5gallon)

2.Carbonate drinks bottle& Juice Bottles

Carbonate Drinks Bottle& Juice Bottles

3.Edible oil bottles

Edible Oil Bottles

4.Wide mouth neck Jar Containers

Wide Mouth/ Neck Jar Containers

5.PC bottle

PC Bottle





8.Medicine bottle

Medicine Bottle

9.Playground plastic toys

Playground Plastic Toys

Tell Us Your Specific Requirements, MaiWei Will Give Best Sloution !

MAIWEI Factory Strong Production Capabilities and Professional Manufacturing Facilities

Taizhou Huangyan Maiwei Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Huangyan, Zhejiang Province, which is known as the “mold Kingdom and bottle blowing machine manufacturing base” on the coast of the East China Sea.

Taizhou Huangyan Maiwei Machinery Co., Ltd. integrates advanced technologies and concepts at home and abroad, specializing in the design, production and sales of three major categories, more than 20 types of full-automatic bottle blowing machines and semi-automatic bottle blowing machines and extrusion blowing machines and injection molding machines. With excellent quality, stable performance and competitive price, the company’s products not only sell well in the domestic market, but also are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, America and other countries and regions, deeply praised and trusted by customers.

“Honest and trustworthy, sincere service” is our business style, “continuous innovation, forge ahead” is our business philosophy. In the fierce market competition, we win with excellent quality and leading technology, and constantly expand ourselves while serving customers. We are willing to help our friends with our own technology and services. Warmly welcome friends at home and abroad to contact us.

1.Full Automatic Blowing machine

Full Automatic Blowing machine

Full automatic blowing machine, with high intelligent and stability,simple structure, and low energy consumption, is very popular and widely used in food,beverages,cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry.

2.PET Preform Making Machine

PET Preform Making Machine

Our PET preform making machines have super precision and high rigidity. It has excellent performance, fast response and energy efficiency. It with feature of optimized injection unit, high-performance plasticizing system and with special screw to meet the raw material and product features.

3.Extrusion blow moulding machine

Extrusion blow moulding machine

Extrusion blow molding machine is used to produce all kinds of the hollow plastic containers for foods, toys, beverages, medicine,chemical products, pesticides&detergents, water bottles,milk bottles,medical bottles,oil bottles,cosmetic bottles,lubricant bottles,plastic containers.

4.PET preform mold

PET preform mold

PET preform mold designed by us is according to the final bottle shape. Preform thickness and height and strengthen locking structure is reasonably and perfectly designed to ensure the final bottles weight light but hard.

5. Production team

Production team

The production team will formulate the production plan, verify the order delivery date, and arrange and control the production progress.

6.Research &Development team

Research &Development team

The Research &Development team is responsible for formulating and improving product design and trial production of new products, also responsible for the implementation of new product introduction and product development.

7.Design team

Design team

The design team can make a conceptual design scheme, guide other graphic designers to complete the requirements for relevant design work, and maintain smooth communication to ensure that various projects are completed on time and with high quality.

8.After-sales team

After-sales team

The after-sales team provides a high level of 24-hour online follow-up service, can communicate and coordinate with customers, help customers solve problems, and improve customer satisfaction.

How Your Order Processes at MAIWEI

Design drawings

Our technicians and engineers will design the drawings of products for customers according to their special needs.

Weld and paint the frame and air tank

Technicians will complete the welding of the overall frame to make the main structure of the machine firm.Spray paint can make them waterproof and prevent rust.

Mold making

Technicians and designers will design the bottle mold according to the customers’ needs (such as the need to mark the logo on the bottle body or bottom).

Assemble clamping rack and track

The track can be divided into chain and chain plate, which are determined according to the needs of customers. The distance between the chain plates can be customized according to the size of the bottle.

Assemble the lamp tubes

The number of lamp tubes depends on the height of the bottle preform. If it is higher than the bottle preform, two lamp tubes will be reserved.

Assemble manipulators and stretching frame

Manipulator plays a key role in conveying bottle embryo and bottle. Our technicians will ensure that the manipulator is installed correctly.

Pull wire/ air pipe/ connect display screen

Technicians will carefully connect the wires to make the subsequent operation normal. The language on the display can also be adjusted according to the needs of customers.

Commissioning the machine

The technician will carry out the final commissioning of the machine. Ensure that the machine runs stably and smoothly, the output reaches the standard, and the quality of bottles is qualified.


Taizhou Huangyan Maiwei Machinery Co., Ltd. integrates advanced technologies and concepts at home and abroad, specializing in the design, production and sales of three major categories, more than 20 types of full-automatic bottle blowing machines and semi-automatic bottle blowing machines and extrusion blowing machines and injection molding machines. With excellent quality, stable performance and competitive price, the company’s products not only sell well in the domestic market, but also are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, America and other countries and regions, deeply praised and trusted by customers.

ISO Certifications
Letters Patent
Letters Patent
Trademark Certification
Trademark Certification

Why MAIWEI is Trusted by Tens of Thousands of Partners?

At Maiwei, we always start from learning and understanding all the details of the products you need, and then determine the best process and machinery to produce them according to your needs.

We have more than 20 years of experience in this field. We offer a variety of plastic bottle making solutions at competitive prices. Our bottle blowing machines, extrusion molding machines and injection molding machines are sold all over the world, making profits for tens of thousands of partners.

The machines we export run stably and smoothly all over the world, bringing convenience to our customers and receiving high praise.

Enough Equipment

Maiwei has 100 sets of process equipment and can produce 500 sets blow molding machines and 200 sets of preform molds every year to ensure that your orders are delivered on time.

Full Support after Sales Service

Maiwei will send spare parts for your machine for at least one year. Any easily worn parts can be delivered within a week, and technicians can be sent to your factory to install machines. Our customer service is online 24 hours a day.

Strong Platform of Maiwei Machinery

The frame of the Maiwei blow molding machine is much heavier than other blow molding machines on the market. It can ensure that there is no vibration during the production of bottles.

Rich Experiences

Maiwei has more than 20 years experiences on making blowing machine ,extrusion moulding machine and injection moulding machine, and our machine export more than 100 countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arab, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, America, Mexico, Argentina, Chile.

Listen to What Our Customers Say about Working with MAIWEI

My factory is in Cambodia, my factory has dozens of blowing machines, I bought a 4 cavity blowing machine from Maiwei to update my equipment. Because I have seen more than 30 Maiwei blowing machines in Cambodia, these machines are perfect. None of my peers would let me watch it for more than 3 minutes, and now I have this machine too.
High quality and stable running machine with affordable and competitive price, friendly and meticulous after-sales service can only be provided by professional companies like you! Worthy of being a 24-year-old brand!If any demand for additional purchase, Maiwei is my first choice.Of course, I will also introduce you to my friends who run the company, and hope we can maintain a long-term cooperative relationship.
I purchased a blowing machine from Maiwei, and it’s amazing!I have just dabble in this industry, maiwei gave me a lot of professional advice and recommended the most suitable machine for me, now this machine is running at high speed in my factory, bringing me benefits every day. Also, because Bolivia has no ports, transportation is a big problem, but the Maiwei team quickly solved this problem for me.
For the first time in the bottle blowing industry, I chose Maiwei as my partner, which was the most correct choice I made. In the whole process, I often felt confused. How could I design my bottle to be liked by the public? How should I design my factory? Where should the machines be placed? Maiwei gave me the answers. I am very grateful to Maiwei and hope to cooperate with it in the future.
A big thank you to Maiwei for our tailor-made machine, we are very satisfied with it. Our company has designed a new bottle this year. In order to make the bottle more beautiful, we need to fix the position of the bottle and the cap, which requires a positioning design on the blowing machine. Many companies cannot meet our needs. Maiwei did what we needed and also made the preform mould for us.
I have always valued quality more than price. Among many suppliers, Maiwei’s price is not the lowest, but I chose it. Because Maiwei was willing to take the time to analyze their configuration and advantages for me, make me understand what benefits it can bring to me, and consider the problem from my standpoint. It did everything it could, and no surprise, I chose it. I still think it was a wise decision.
I bought Maiwei’s bottle blowing machine two years ago. Up to now, I am often surprised by its output. It can produce 9000 bottles per hour! Compared with my previous bottle blowing machine, Maiwei’s has won it in all aspects. Its design is very humanized, and it’s easy to operate, energy-saving and power-saving, and there is no harm to the environment. I have to say that Maiwei is a very good partner. Although I bought it two years ago, the staff will also enthusiastically solve the problems I encounter after that.
Originally I purchased preforms from a third party, but in the long run I felt it was more sensible and cost-saving to own an injection molding machine. So soon I got in touch with Maiwei through my partner. At first, I thought the bigger the injection molding machine, the better, but Maiwei told me that what worked best for me was the best. It didn’t make me buy a machine that didn’t suit me in order to make more money. So I trust Maiwei a lot, it will always be a very respectable partner of mine.
A few years ago when I was planning to buy blowing machine, my company had just started, and I stumbled across the Maiwei machine. The bright color was so appealing that I approached their salesperson to learn about the machine.She was professional and answered all my doubts. I placed the order within a week and the machine has been in use so far with almost no failures.My bottling industry has developed very well over the years, and I will soon be purchasing larger capacity machines to meet the demand.

9 Steps to Purchase MAIWEI Blow Molding Machine and Start Work with it

You can call or email us to send your detailed bottle requirements.

Once received your blowing machine inquiry, our sales  will contact you to have a discussion about your requirements. They will confirm the capacity and output with you.Then the most suitable solution will be worked out for you.

Send we your bottle’s picture. If there is no picture of the bottle, we can design it for you for free.Then forward all detailed requirements to our engineering department, waiting for the design and solution to come out.

According to the scale of the factory, help customers to arrange the machine layout.

Customer need check and confirm factory local voltage and Hz of the power supply, we need check if it is same as China 3Phase, 380V, 50Hz, if different, we need modify electrical diagram on machine.

After evaluating the design, we will give you the right solution based on your inquiry. Determine which machine is best for your needs.Then we will offer you a full  quotation including leading time, terms of payment, package details along with configuration and technical specifications.

Once received my quotation, you may have some questions about the price or technical details. The common questions such as short the delivery time, correcting the configuration, asking for a better price with a discount…

Then coming to a deal and waiting for your purchase order.

During your order is in the production process, we will regularly update your machine order status.

The finished machine will be well packaged in some strong wooden box packages. As per the delivery terms, we will deliver the cargo to your place by sea.

You will get all the shipping documents to claim your machine when it arrived at your place.

We have 24 months warranty time during this time, we will provide free technical support and spare parts to solve your problem.If you are satisfied with our machine performance and need more machines to extend your business, please contact our sales representatives to re-order.

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