Bottle Blowing Mould Machine

Bottle Blowing Mould Machine

– Hot Runner System, PLC Controller, Servo Motors, Water Channels, Pin Valve Gate After-Sale Service, CE Certification, 5 Years Warranty, Fast Delivery, Free Spare Parts

MAIWEI Bottle Blowing Mould Machine-The Most Experienced Business Partner and Moulds Manufacturer

MAIWEI is the paramount and world-famous enterprise manufacturing high-quality Bottle Blowing Mould Machines. We have a separate QC department to analyze raw materials and mold quality. Our experienced engineers can design molds according to your needs and provide professional suggestions for business growth. MAIWEI always stands first in developing confidential business relationships with domestic and foreign clients.

We have manufactured a wide range of blowing molds machines that are all customer-centric assuring long-term benefits in your bottle business growth. Among them, our most famous Bottle Blowing Mould Machine is wide-neck bottle mold, drinking water mold, large 20l bottle mold, juice, hot filling molds, etc. All our PET moulds are ISO 9001 and CE certified, which has made our recognition among global stakeholders.

MAIWEI has secured significant experience manufacturing Bottle Blowing Mould Machines over the last twenty years. In this remark, we have achieved substantial expertise and standardized credibility to offer you great dedication in the molds market.

Undoubtedly, our top workers’ engineers have achieved excellent command to inculcate advent technology in PET moulding as per market demands. Installation of a cold runner system for multi-cavity moulds, PID temperature controller, valve gate system, and servo motors has made our preform mould machines the most authentic and reliable. We offer technical support and installation services and ask for feedback to help you in mould processing if you face any problems.

Please get in touch with our sales team to purchase the best working and internationally recognized Bottle Blowing Mould Machine at a very affordable price. Our personnel and sales engineers are directed to quote you our best price on time. You can get all information you want. To avail of our customization services, please share detailed information while sending your inquiry. We will ensure moulds machine quality and reliability with target completion on time.

Excellent Benefits of MAIWEI Bottle Blowing Mould Machine

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Maximum Production

Servo motors installation increases PET mould production speed by almost 30 to 40%. It adds accuracy and efficiency to injection movement. PET moulds are equipped with servo motors of high torque hydraulic operation and slow speed running for fast preforms production.

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Low Energy Consumption

Our PET preform machines contain a copper plate that increases its service life with wear resistance. It also ensures noise-free operation by using low power. Standard-designed cold water channels provide a consistent cooling effect and reduce the production cycle duration.

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Delivery in Minimum Time

We ensure product delivery within thirty days and provide service engineers for on-site mold installation. QC testing and suitable packaging are undertaken to safely ship PET moulds to your address. We also provide spare parts within no time after a claim.

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Running Smoothly

The mould base is made of P20 steel with chroming that prevents it from corruption. While the core and cavity comprise S136 metal, adding smooth running in machine operation. A plug-type heating system can easily change the heating bar of molds for different shape performs.

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Easy to Operate

It becomes easy to regulate the temperature of each cavity preform using a branded PID temperature controller. Multiple cavity molds for different size preforms are easy to operate with an automatic continuous manufacturing process.

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Reliable Customer Care

English manual and installation guide videos are given to clients to understand the installation mechanism. We offer five years warranty on the purchase of each mold for credibility. ISO and CE certification is also assured for international recognition and client satisfaction.

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Lifetime Technical Support

Our well-trained and expert engineers offer you life-long technical support for mould machine installation and maintenance. MAIWEI's experienced team is available 24/7 to answer all your queries in English. Our service engineers can go to your factory and train your employee to run moulds accurately.

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High Convert Ratio

Considering advanced mold design, the tolerance weight of preforms molds is 0.1g. MAIWEI also provides 2 to 4 sets of die core and cavity as spare parts. The moulds are available with a high conversion ratio of 6 to 96 and 144 cavities.

28mm, 30mm, 45mm, 55mm Neck Drinking Water Bottle Blowing Mould Machine

5 gallon plastic bottle preform machine

28mm, 30mm, 45mm, and 55mm Neck Drinking Water Bottle Blowing Mould Machine is equipped with dual coaxial cone locating technology. The cavity of each mold locks itself and assures no decentration during production. The multi-cavity mold comprises a cold runner system for producing different shapes and sized preforms.

Its production line is preforms of mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, juice bottles, carbonated drinks bottles, etc.

Features and Advantages

60-120mm Wide Neck Bottle Blowing Mould Machine

water bottle preform making machine

60-120mm Wide Neck Bottle Blowing Mould Machine comprises a self-locked and off-center adjustment system lowering the thickness error to less than 0.05mm.

It requires no cutting of gates and ultimately decreases the labor cost. It produces cosmetic containers, jars, yogurt jars, and wide-neck bottle preforms of 60 to 120mm volume.

Features and Advantages

Juice, Hot Filling Bottle Blowing Mould Machine

water bottle preform making machine

Juice, Hot Filling Bottle Blowing Mould Machine is a pneumatic designed SI36 stainless steel instrument used to manufacture bottle preforms.

It comprises of pin valve gate and a cooling system on the core and cavity to assure precision in the shape of preforms.

For customization services, the cooling system is also available for preform neck. Juice bottles, hot filling bottles, and sterilization bottle preforms are its primary applications.

Features and Advantages

5 Gallon, 20 Liter Bottle Blowing Mould Machine

preform injection molding machine

5 Gallon, 20 Liter Bottle Blowing Mould Machine is available with different cavity ranges to support diverse production. Its preforms assure excellent perpendicularity, low eccentricity and IV loss, and good gate quality.

Its applications of significant importance are oil bottles, water cans, and CSD bottle preforms with different necks, volumes, and shapes.

Features and Advantages

MAIWEI, Your Go-To China Manufacturer of The Best Plastic Bottle Preform Machine

MAIWEI can manufacture any machine that you need, and a Plastic Bottle Preform Machine is one of our specialties.

Our Plastic Bottle Preform Machine prices and quality are competitive, and we will ship your order from China to any country.

Usually, PET preforms are used to make jars, bottles, barrels, and various other containers.

Such containers are useful for the following industries: automotive, medical, cosmetics, chemical, food, electrical, shipping, etc. Your business can use PET preforms for these, or sell them to these.

You can request for us to manufacture machines of any size, colour, configuration, and capabilities.

MAIWEI Plastic Bottle Preform Machine use PET as raw material. PET is a thermoplastic polymer. Our machines inject liquid PET material into a standard preform mould. When the resulting PET preform cools down, it is then used for further blow moulding.

MAIWEI Plastic Bottle Preform Machine can have an injection capacity from 120mL to 1L, or more, depending on your requirements.

Now, let’s talk about some available configurations and capabilities of our machines.

MAIWEI Plastic Bottle Preform Machine feature multiple cavities to facilitate automatic continuous production. Specifically, you can request machines with 1-16 cavities, 24 cavities, 26 cavities, 32 cavities, 48 cavities, 72 cavities, 96 cavities, and 144 cavities.

Furthermore, we can supply Plastic Bottle Preform Machine that provide the following neck finishes: ROPP, ALASKA, PCO1810, PCO1881, BPF, 30/25, 29/25, 26/22, 38mm, 48mm, and 50-150mm.

MAIWEI Plastic Bottle Preform Machine are made from certificated stainless steel material. Mould cores, cavities, neck rings, and lock rings are processed by heat treatment. Thus, our machines become highly precise and durable; preform moulds serving for at least 5 million shots.

As for technicalities, our Plastic Bottle Preform Machine use advanced hot runner systems to reduce the level of AA value. Plus, the valve gate is used more efficiently to lower your manual labour expenses.

Additionally, MAIWEI machines include better cold water channels to improve cooling. This also works to shorten the cycle time and increase production speed.

If you need more customized control of the production, MAIWEI offers a PID temperature controller. It allows your personnel to easily adjust the temperature of each preform cavity individually.

Furthermore, servo motors help MAIWEI Plastic Bottle Preform Machine control injection movement and injection accuracy. Meanwhile, this also improves efficiency of the machine by 30-40%.

If you need to produce PET preforms fast, then servo motors with low-speed and high-torque hydraulic operation will help.

MAIWEI single cylinder injection units guarantee stable and precise injection.

A double linear guide lowers the friction coefficient, while a double cylinder shifter works to avoid nozzle deflection—this prevents leaking.

MAIWEI offers another Plastic Bottle Preform Machine design advantage. That is a connecting rod. It ensures quick movements of the machine and increased efficiency.

All these technologies represent cutting-edge solutions for the ever-changing demands of the plastic products market.

MAIWEI cooperates with many brands to create our machines. For example, we have parts from Siemens, Schneider, and Festo. We also import advanced technologies from Sweden, Japan, and America. Our preform mould cores, cavities, screws, needle valves, and insulated pads are all imported.

We also have all necessary safety and quality requirements, such as ISO9001 and CE.

Finally, we have many after-sales services, including shipping you spare parts and helping you install your Sinco machine.

Besides Plastic Bottle Preform Machine, MAIWEI also manufactures various preform machines, PET injection moulding machines, PET preform injection machines, PET preform moulds, and all sorts of blow moulding machines.

Contact us today, and we will manufacture the perfect machine for your business!


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