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MAIWEI Bottle Molding Machine- Foundation Brick for your Successful Bottle Production Business

MAIWEI is undoubtedly the highest rated, extremely professional, and intensely devoted manufacturer and supplier of China known internationally. We aim to introduce the world to the most organic, promising, and solution-oriented approach to bottle-blowing business.


We are equipped with the most prestigious and well-qualified engineers and designers from all around the world. Our team comes up with the most robust, reliable, and practical designs. You can also add any additional features in the name of customization of the blowing machine. With over 20 years of experience in the bottle-blowing industry, we have made our name through consistent effort in the field of research and innovation.


MAIWEI brand is the flag bearer of introducing the most highly rated technology to produce an extensive range of Bottle Molding Machines, including fully automatic, fully automatic wide neck, semi-automatic, and fully automatic for large volume bottles.


Conforming to the national and international standards of CE and ISO 9001, our Bottle Molding Machine can produce up to thousands of bottles per hour. It has an intelligent, modular design, automatic loading and unloading system, servo motors, cam linking blow section, and highly advanced and innovative computer control.


If you are ready to explore the heights of your production, buckle up and get ready for the most promising investment: our premium quality, super productive, and long-lasting Bottle Molding Machine. MAIWEI brings you the tested and internationalized blowing machine to revolutionize the field of the bottle industry. Our inventory is rich with Bottle Molding Machine having proficient designs, varying capacities, and skyrocketing production rates.


Wait no more to place an order with us right now through our highly efficient customer care service. Our team is active 24/7 for your convenience and guidance. You can get the machine price and place the order by calling or emailing us, and we will get back to you in due time.

Excellent Benefits of MAIWEI Bottle Molding Machine

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High Production Rate

The servo driving system and cam linking blowing section allow a short blowing cycle that adds to the machine's capacity. The Bottle Molding Machine has several choices for cavities in the range of 2, 4, 6, and 8. Machine design ensures zero contamination during the whole production process.

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Reasonable Energy Consumption

Prime quality finishes featuring stable infrared heating system blowing. Branded servo motors paired up with a robust centralized heating system allow almost 40% subsidy on energy consumption.

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Delivery in Minimum Time

MAIWEI is proud of having the most professional and hard-working team with incredible communication skills. It helps you to obtain the most desired customized features in your Bottle Molding Machine. We are capable of delivering your order within 30 days along with the tracking facility, providing right onto your doorstep with maximum convenience.

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Machine Runs Smoothly

It uses excellent quality parts sourced from internationally renowned brands, allowing the minimum chance of production error, and wear and tear. The blowing machine's explosion-proof motors, valves, conveyors, and robust air compression systems work in close coordination to enable smooth function.

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Easy to Operate

The LCD screen operation lets you control your Bottle Molding Machine through an advanced and intelligent PLC system. It comes with a detailed English instruction manual for your guidance related to installation maintenance, parts replacement, and updating higher efficiency.

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Reliable Customer Care

As customer care service is the backbone of any business, being a reliable molding machine manufacturer, we assure you that you can count on us. Our Bottle Molding Machine designs and structures comply with SGS, CE, and ISO 9001 standards. We offer five years of warranty for our molding machines, strengthening your trust in our qualified engineers and designers.

Fully Automatic Bottle Molding Machine: 20ml-2000ml, Max 10000BPH

6 cavity full automatic blowing machine

A Fully Automatic Bottle Molding Machine is the ultimate choice for optimum bottle blowing needs in the range of 20 ml to 2l. It caters to the juice, drinking water, and mineral water companies. With cavity spacing of 120 and consuming 120Kw of power, it is an excellent choice enjoying an exponential production rate and incredibly short cycling time. The computer-controlled operation paired up with branded parts like a servo motor, infrared lamp with quartz, and innovative air compressing system, enables the production rate to go up to 10,000 bottles per hour. The additional perks are reasonable utility costs, simple installation, and minimum blowing machine maintenance requirements.

Features and Advantages

Full Automatic Large Volume Bottle Molding Machine: 5L to 20L

20L bottle molding machine

A Full Automatic Large Volume Bottle Molding Machine is dedicated to producing large water bottles ranging between 5l to 20l. It comes with pneumatic control, a convenient LCD touchscreen operation, and offers error-free production with a minimum cycling time.

Features and Advantages

Automatic Wide-Neck Bottle Molding Machine

wide neck PET blowing mahcine

Catering to the requirements and demands of industries that need wide-neck bottles like candy jars, yogurt jars, spice bottles, etc., the Automatic Wide-Neck Bottle Molding Machine is a super-fast and efficient choice that offers an unparalleled quality of products.

Features and Advantages

Semi-Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

semi automatic bottle molding machine

As a Semi-Automatic Bottle Molding Machine offers manual function with the production rate of 800 bottles per hour, it is a decent choice if you require minimum energy consumption and optimum production of bottles ranging between 100 ml and 20. Thus it is affordable for making juice, mineral water, edible oil, and chemical bottles.

Features and Advantages

PET Bottle Blowing Mahcine---PET Blowing Machine Manufacturer In China - 10 Years Guarantee

PET Bottle Blowing MahcinePET Bottle Blowing Machine Manufacturer In China – 10 Years Guarantee

MAIWEI Machinery is one of the most professional PET bottle blowing machine manufacturer in China, we have more than 15 years manufacturing experiences of PET blowing machine. MAIWEI can make full automatic blowing machine with competitive price, and MAIWEI PET bottle blowing machine can fulfill your production of mineral water bottle, drinking water bottle, drink water bottle, juice PET bottle, and carbonated drink bottles

MAIWEI PET bottle blowing machine is special for producing your PET bottles,plastic bottle, which also named PET bottle blowing machine, MAIWEI has a wide range model for your different production of PET bottles, our PET bottle blowing machine has production capacity from 2000 to 8000 bottles per hour and bottle volume from 10ml to max 20 liters.

With more than 20 professional and experienced technicians, MAIWEI has updated its PET bottle blowing machine with high precision, high productivity and competitive price, the PET bottle blowing machine use rotary preform loading and servo motor system, it can ensure the machines works fast with stability

MAIWEI PET bottle blowing machine is very easy to operate, by adopting human-machine interface and PLC controller, you can use all function in the same touch screen. The innovative design of oven helps to minimize the distance of heating lamps, so MAIWEI PET bottle blowing machine can maximize the heating efficiency and save power, this will save cost to return your invest in a short time.

World famous brand part, such as cylinder, valve, PLC, used in machine ensures the PET bottle blowing machine with a longer life and running more stably and smoothly, and it is also very convenient for you to find changing parts in local area.

MAIWEI has a strong production group, this can ensure the delivery of the PET bottle blowing machine on time of the order, and also make pet bottle machine in a competitive price, our factory has a production capacity of 20 sets of PET bottle blowing machine each month. MAIWEI also send spare parts and easy broken parts for your one year use. our installation technicians are available oversea to install PET bottle blowing machine and train your operators in your factory. The online service group can service for you 24 hours online.

To make the faster, the stable and more competitive price PET bottle blowing machine is the MAIWEI ’s mission, MAIWEI PET bottle blowing machine is your best choice for your higher speed, more stable production of PET bottles, beside PET bottle blowing machine, MAIWEI also manufactures PET molding machine, plastic PET bottle blowing machine with 2 cavity, 4 cavity, 6 cavity and 8 cavity in a reasonable price. Send your bottles picture to get an exact machine price now.  


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