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MAIWEI PET Blow Machine-Your Desirable Manufacturer and Reliable Supplier

MAIWEI is a worldwide manufacturer known among the top-class stakeholders and suppliers for its high-quality blower machines. Our multidisciplinary team and trained engineers are committed to offering you the best services. We have successfully expanded our horizons throughout the global market and gained numerous overseas clients.


We offer a full line of PET Blow Machines of different ranges extensively used in PET bottle manufacturing industries. Our famous products are renowned for their high performance and smooth operation: full automatic PET machine, semi-automatic bottle blower machine, and automatic PET machine of the wide neck. MAIWEI has also arranged a training program to explore our personnel and working engineers with technological breakthroughs and customers’ needs.


MAIWEI has been striving for the last twenty years with its credible working experience in blowing machinery and earned a reputation. Since 2005, we have been serving almost 60 countries with its 300 PET bottle blowing lines and successfully got positive feedback and repeat customer orders. This positive response always gives the motivation and spirit of our team to move forward in bottle blowing industry.


Our PET Blow Machine is equipped with innovative technology and branded components as automatic preform loading and unloading system. HMI, servo system, hydraulic system and heating lamps of reliable quality increase service life of our machines.


Are you on the quest to find the best supplier and Manufacturer of PET Blow Machine to help you to level up your business and profit? MAIWEI is one of the prominent manufacturers that’s vision is to offer customer-oriented services and technology-assisted blow machines. We facilitate our customers with all communication sources to stay connected 24/7. We listen to your queries carefully and try to provide the best optimal solutions to level up your PET bottle business.


So contact us without hesitation and confirm your order at a reasonable price. You will surely get your sealer blower within 30 days. Our sales team is directed to dispatch our product quickly after order placement.

Excellent Benefits of MAIWEI PET Blow Machines

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High Efficient Production

The double row lamp of the machine assures fast speed and uniform blowing of PET bottles. Our PET Blow Machine works efficiently with a servo drive and conveying systems. A stable feeding system also increases speed and stability.

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Machine Runs Smoothly

The temperature remains constant in the heating area, and the machine runs smoothly without any damage when a redundant heat removal system is connected. Machine molds are electroplated, and the frame is covered with a plastic spray that prevents equipment from rusting and assures its stable operation.

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Energy Saving

The suction cup feeding system is reliable for wide-neck PET Blow Machines. Its installation saves customers from manual feeding expanses. A gas recovery device connected with a high-pressure air combination valve also mitigates power consumption.

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Easy to Operate

Heating tubes of precise height and specific space adjustment between preforms make operation easy. The machine is easy to operate and maintain because it contains branded servo system and hydraulic clamping system.

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Delivery in Minimum Time

MAIWEI's strong production team assures you to deliver your machine within 30 days after your order confirmation. PET Blow Machines of different ranges are available at competitive rates. You can also avail of our weekly training to understand bottle blower operating procedures from our competent salesman and technocrats.

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Reliable Customer Care

Our personnel and sales engineers provide 24/7 online and off-sale servicing to sort out all your problem and queries related to the blower machine. All PET Blow Machines are certified with CE and ISO standardization. 5 Years guarantee increases customers' trust in the equipment.

Full Automatic PET Blow Machine: 20ml-2000ml, Max 10000BPH

full automatic blowing machine PET Blow Moulding Machine

Full Automatic PET Blow Machine has a reasonable structural design and operates at low HP power consumption.

Our fully automatic blow machine is a stably working two-step machine used to produce PET bottles such as mineral water bottles, juice bottles, edible oil bottles, cosmetic bottles, etc. Its maximum volume of PET bottle production ranges from 20ml to 2l.

Features and Advantages

Full Automatic Large Volume PET Blow Machine: 5L to 20L

plastic blowing machine full automatic plastic bottle making machine

Full Automatic Large Volume PET Blow Machine is installed explicitly to produce PET bottles of significant volume ranging from 5L to 20L.

It adopts a servo-driving and preheating system that enables machines to blow large volume bottles as catchup bottles, edible oil bottles, cleaners, water cans, and beverage bottles.

Features and Advantages

Automatic Wide Neck PET Blow Machine: 20ml-2000ml, Max 10000BPH

full atuomatic bottle blowing machine

An Automatic Wide Neck PET Blow Machine operates in two-step and is applicable for blowing bottles containing a wide neck. This bottle blower precisely blows wide oil bottles, candy jars, PET cosmetics containers, dried fruit jars, and honey jars.

Features and Advantages

Semi-Automatic PET Blow Machine

PET Blow Machine

Semi-Automatic PET Blow Machine has four pulling rods and a double bend arm clamping structure. It is operated manually for placing preforms and removing blown bottles from the machine. The bottles of 100ml to 20L volume are specifically manufactured as edible oil bottles, mineral water bottles, carbonated drinks, PET cans, and juice bottles.

Features and Advantages

PET Bottle Blowing Mahcine---PET Blowing Machine Manufacturer In China - 10 Years Guarantee

PET Bottle Blowing MahcinePET Bottle Blowing Machine Manufacturer In China – 10 Years Guarantee

MAIWEI Machinery is one of the most professional PET bottle blowing machine manufacturer in China, we have more than 15 years manufacturing experiences of PET blowing machine. MAIWEI can make full automatic blowing machine with competitive price, and MAIWEI PET bottle blowing machine can fulfill your production of mineral water bottle, drinking water bottle, drink water bottle, juice PET bottle, and carbonated drink bottles

MAIWEI PET bottle blowing machine is special for producing your PET bottles,plastic bottle, which also named PET bottle blowing machine, MAIWEI has a wide range model for your different production of PET bottles, our PET bottle blowing machine has production capacity from 2000 to 8000 bottles per hour and bottle volume from 10ml to max 20 liters.

With more than 20 professional and experienced technicians, MAIWEI has updated its PET bottle blowing machine with high precision, high productivity and competitive price, the PET bottle blowing machine use rotary preform loading and servo motor system, it can ensure the machines works fast with stability

MAIWEI PET bottle blowing machine is very easy to operate, by adopting human-machine interface and PLC controller, you can use all function in the same touch screen. The innovative design of oven helps to minimize the distance of heating lamps, so MAIWEI PET bottle blowing machine can maximize the heating efficiency and save power, this will save cost to return your invest in a short time.

World famous brand part, such as cylinder, valve, PLC, used in machine ensures the PET bottle blowing machine with a longer life and running more stably and smoothly, and it is also very convenient for you to find changing parts in local area.

MAIWEI has a strong production group, this can ensure the delivery of the PET bottle blowing machine on time of the order, and also make pet bottle machine in a competitive price, our factory has a production capacity of 20 sets of PET bottle blowing machine each month. MAIWEI also send spare parts and easy broken parts for your one year use. our installation technicians are available oversea to install PET bottle blowing machine and train your operators in your factory. The online service group can service for you 24 hours online.

To make the faster, the stable and more competitive price PET bottle blowing machine is the MAIWEI ’s mission, MAIWEI PET bottle blowing machine is your best choice for your higher speed, more stable production of PET bottles, beside PET bottle blowing machine, MAIWEI also manufactures PET molding machine, plastic PET bottle blowing machine with 2 cavity, 4 cavity, 6 cavity and 8 cavity in a reasonable price. Send your bottles picture to get an exact machine price now.  


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