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MAIWEI PET Bottle Blowing Machine-Your Reliable Business Partner

MAIWEI is a professional PET Bottle Blowing Machine manufacturer and supplier that has gained a well-known reputation from overseas customers. Our experienced engineering team is intended to pay heed to issues related to customization. We offer blowing machines customization services according to your requirements and specifications.


We designed a full line of PET Bottle Blowing Machine of diverse varieties as a full-automatic machine, semi-automatic, automatic wide neck, and full-automatic machine of large volume. Our credible working and ISO-certified PET machines have provided the best solution to replace the need for glass in the industry.


With over twenty years of production experience, MAIWEI proudly delivers ISO 9001 and CE-certified PET Bottle Blowing Machines to more than 40 countries. We introduce innovations and technology to make our products reliable and customer-oriented.


Our blowing machines are equipped with automatic preform loading and unloading systems. Servo technology is fabricated with a stretching and clamping system for reliable operation. World-famous brand parts such as valves, a PLC controller and servo motors, etc., make machines durable and flawless in operation.

Are you looking for a highly stable, energy-efficient, and low HP consuming PET Bottle Blowing Machine for stable production of bottles? MAIWEI is ever best brand that offers you different blowing machine models with 2, 4, 6, and 8 cavities.


So place your order today to get a warranted PET machine at a feasible price by calling or emailing. You can also share a bottle design to get the machine price and other details about related machines.

Excellent Benefits of MAIWEI PET Bottle Blowing Machine

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High Efficient Production

The high-speed servo drive system is integrated into a machine that reduces the bottle-blowing cycle duration and enhances production capacity. Servo conveying system operates fast, increasing product stability and assuring product position accuracy.

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Machine Runs Smoothly

Branded components are equipped with the machine as PLC controller, valve and cylinder, etc., ensuring smooth operation, efficient working, and longer service life. Double row lamps provide uniform heating assuring flawless operation. PLC controller and touch screen regulate smooth operation.

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Energy Saving

A credible working centralized heating system and integration of servo motors lower power consumption to almost 40%. Power is also saved by installing a gas recovery device with a high-pressure air-blowing combination valve.

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Easy to Operate

Installation videos and machine manual is provided, assisting in easy operation and maintenance. Modular design is helpful in the feasible replacement of spare parts when required. Accurately adjusted space between PET preforms and height of heating tube makes a machine operate efficiently.

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Delivery in Minimum Time

The professional production team of MAIWEI assures delivery on time, and our blowing machine price is quite affordable. Every week training makes our salesman more efficient to understand machine specialty and deliver it at exact timing. Twenty-four hours of online servicing are provided to update you about product location during delivery. After order placement, the product is delivered within 30 days to a given address.

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Reliable Customer Care

Five years warranty is provided for our blowing machines. CE certified, ISO 9001 accredited, and SGS certified machines increase customer trust and satisfaction with the product. For easy comprehension, an English manual is provided for guidelines. Different design configurations assist in selecting machines at desirable rates.Twenty-four hours of online reliable customer care service is also offered for you. You can contact us at any time and get your PET machine price.

Fully Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine:20ml-2000ml, Max 10000BPH

4 cavity automatic blowing machine

Full Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine is highly stable and versatile designed two-step blowing equipment.

It is commonly used for bottle production of PET bottles, carbonated drinks, juices, and pesticide packing. It can blow bottles of maxim volume ranging from 20ml to 2l.

Features and Advantages

Full Automatic Large Volume PET Bottle Blowing Machine:5L to 20L

full atuomatic bottle blowing machine

Full Automatic Large Volume PET Bottle Blowing Machine is the most stable two-step equipment intended to blow PET bottles of different capacity ranges from 3l to 20l. It is featured two cavities and works automatically at a low defective rate.

Its essential characteristics are easy operation, stability, fast speed, and lower costs.

Features and Advantages

Automatic Wide-Neck PET Bottle Blowing Machine

wide neck PET bottle blowing mahcine

The Automatic Wide-Neck PET Bottle Blowing Machine is a two-cavity automatic working unit with a PLC controller and touch screen for overall operational control. It produces wide-neck candy jars, yogurt bottles, dried fruit jars, spice jars, etc.

Features and Advantages

Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine

semi automatic bottle molding machine

The Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine has an output capacity of 800 bottles per hour. It can blow mineral water in small and large bottles, edible oil bottles, and much more, ranging from 100ml to 20l. It works manually and is available at a cheap price supporting small-scale companies in bottle production.

Features and Advantages

PET Bottle Blowing Mahcine---PET Blowing Machine Manufacturer In China - 10 Years Guarantee

MAIWEI  your professional PET Blowing Machine manufacturer in China, we supply you one-stop solution for your PET bottle. Sinco has been in the manufacturing PET Blowing Machine field for more than 15 years. Sinco PET Blowing Machine also called PET bottle molding machine can produce your mineral water bottle, drinking water bottle, juice bottle, different kind of beverage PET bottles. Sinco has a wide range blowing machine with competitive price, it can produce your PET bottle with different capacity from 2000 to 8000 bottles per hour, with one machine, you can produce various type of bottles by just changing the molds.

With the help of years technology updating, advantage design, precision manufacturing, strong platform, and adoption of full servo motor system, Sinco PET Blowing Machine can blow your bottles in high speed and running smoothly. By minimizing heating head distance, MAIWEI PET Blowing Machine can maximize the heating efficiency and can save much power during blowing, then save cost for you, and you can get the invest return in short time.

With world famous brand parts, such as PLC, HMI, Mitsubishi, Cylinder, Festo, MAIWEI PET Blowing Machine can ensure a machine life span of more than 10 years. It’s also very easy for you to find change parts in your local area, A pack of easy-wearing spare parts will be delivered together with MAIWEI PET Blowing Machine. those spare parts can afford at least one year’s use for customer. after one year, Sinco will send spare parts immediately to your site, which ensures non-stop of your bottle production.

Besides spare parts, MAIWEI supply English operation manual and video guide for your PET Blowing Machine installation and operation. Technicians are available to your factory to install machine and train your operators. and there are after sales service working for your 24 hours for one week online. Contact us now for your PET bottle production, you will get a fast and competitive price of PET Blowing Machine.


PET Bottle Blowing Machine-An Ultimate FAQ Guide.

This informational content of FAQ intends to serve as a guide in the placement, operation, service, and maintenance of your PET Blowing Machine.

Let’s begin.

What is a PET Bottle Blowing Machine?

PET Blowing Machine is a device that is extensively used to blow water bottles and is also used for the manufacturing of plastic bottles.PET Blowing Machine is designed to produce heat-resistant and normal containers like water bottles.

A PET Blowing Machine is an environment-friendly machine to reuse plastic products especially water and other beverage bottles while keeping them safe to use for us.It uses polyethylene terephthalate in its operation.

Polyethylene terephthalate is a strong, pure, and lightweight plastic that is commonly used for packing foods and beverages.It is safe to use and approved by FDA.PET Blowing Machine is globally used for the manufacturing of bottles of carbonated soft drinks and water. It saves production costs at the same time it is reliable and efficient.

PET Blowing Machine operates at narrowed or different wavelengths compared to common IR-heaters to achieve higher penetration depths. This leads to lower energy consumption and a faster process.In short more quality products in a short time.

full atuomatic bottle blowing machine

What is the Working Principle of a PET Bottle Blowing Machine?

PET Blowing Machine is one of the most advanced and fast technologies of large-scale production of plastic bottles and containers.
  • Step 1: The preform is placed in the machine.
  • Step 2: Then it is moved towards the machine inlet through the automatic upward conveying belt.
  • Step 3: This belt automatically moves these performs towards the oven.
  • Step 4: The material such as perform is heated in ovens.It is softened to reach the best blowing state.This blowing state is determined by the type of bottle you want to produce.
  • Step 5: Then it goes through the photoelectric detection switch.
  • Step 6: Afterward, perform enters the mold, and blowing takes place.Then your blown bottles are ready.

What are the main components of a PET Blowing Machine?

PET Blowing Machine contains the following essential parts:
  • Servo Motor-Controlled Stretch Rod:                                                                                    PET Blowing Machine stretches preforms by using a servo motor-controlled stretch rod.A servo motor-controlled rod is that it stretches the preform in sections.First, it positions the preforms to ensure the verticality of the preforms during stretching.Then secondary stretching takes place.   
  • Highly Efficient Siemens PLC System:                                                                                       A PET Blowing Machine has a Siemen PLC system.                                                            PLC is an industrial programmable logic controller system that enhances productivity.                                                                                                                                    Its major benefit is its ability to change the parameters of a blowing process at any time.This system maximizes productivity and minimizes downtime.

  • Compact Stainless Steel Cylinders:                                                                                        PET Blowing Machine comes with compact stainless steel standard base cylinders by FESTO in.These cylinders have flexible piston rods and optimized installation length that facilitates you a lot.   
  • A High-Quality Schneider Circuit Breaker:                                                                        Schneider circuit breakers a well-known brand provides stability and ensure smooth operation.
  • Schneider Intermediate Relay:                                                                                                    It provides fast electric reactions for smooth operation, this feature ensures control of a process. 
  • Copper Bushing:                                                                                                                      Copper bushing provides a smooth surface with high precision.          
  • Smooth Surface Mold:                                                                                                                    A smooth surface mold ensures high accuracy, good quality of the product, and long life. 
  • Planetary Speed Reducer:                                                                                                     With a planetary speed reducer, the speed of the process is controlled to produce the desired results.
  • Auto-Loader:                                                                                                                                This feature improves work efficiency and ensures accurate transportation of raw-material.                                                                                                                                                   
  • High-Efficiency Pump:                                                                                                                 A PET Blowing Machine uses a high-efficiency pump to control the flow of air and water in its different parts.                                                                                                Pumps enable you to control, monitor and maintain the flow of air hence allow you to produce customized products.                                                                                Any minute change in the pressure of air can cause damage and improper shape of your plastic products like bottles, cans, and other items.                                
  • High and Low-Pressure SMC Valves:                                                                                                    High and low-pressure pumps play a significant role in the manufacturing of plastic products.                                                                                                                        This unique and most satisfying feature controls and maintain the desired level of pressure by using an SMC pressure valve.                                                                               
  • High-Quality Infrared Heaters or Lamps:                                                                                                A PET Blowing Machine uses infrared heaters to heat the preforms.                        This heating system directly transfers heat from the heater to the object without heating the air in between.                                                                                              Infrared heaters don’t warm up the air between the object and the heaters themselves.                                                                                                                            Instead, emit infrared radiation that only warms the objects the radiation touches.                                                                                                                                      They are more energy-efficient than other heaters hence, minimizes heat and energy losses.

The Brand Parts We Use in Our PET Bottle Blowing Machine:





PLC, Servo Drive, Servo Motor


Combined Blowing Valve


Cylinder,Solenoid Valve


PLC, Servo Motor, Servo Drive, Low voltage Electrics


Contactor, Relay, 24V Transformer


Cylinder,Solenoid Valve


Blowing Copper Valve


Solenoid Valve

What are the Types of a PET Bottle Blowing Machine by Operation?

  • Fully-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine
  • Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine

A Fully Automatic PET Blowing Machine is more useful and efficient.It is very easy to install, simple to use and doesn’t need much labor training.Its maintenance is quite easy and requires simple and easy steps to service and maintain its parts.
Automation enables you to produce a large number of products in a small amount of time.It is a highly efficient method of plastic product production.It has the most advanced electrical components to avoid electrical resistance and consumes less power.
A PET Blowing Machine is environment-friendly equipment.It doesn’t cause pollution and doesn’t use any toxic chemicals in its process.

What are the Applications of a PET Bottle Blowing Machine?

A PET Bottle Blowing Machine has a wide range of applications in industrial sectors.
It is well-suited for the production of high-quality plastic products.

Food and Manufacturing:

A PET Bottle Blowing Machine is globally used to make plastic bottles for juices, water, and other beverages.
It is used to make the packaging of a variety of mineral water bottles, juice, soft drinks, cola, and other beverage bottles.
A PET Bottle Blowing Machine is widely used for the manufacturing of PET water bottles, hot filling bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, edible oil bottles, and pesticide bottles.

  • Variety of Shapes and Designs:                                                                                                                       It produces customized products based on customer requirements.Like lightweight small and large-sized water bottles, oil bottles, and wide-mouth jars.
  • High Strength-To-Weight Ratio Bottle:                                                                                                     A PET Blowing Machine is used to produce lightweight plastic jars and bottles that have a high strength-to-weight ratio.
    This means there will be an increase in the strength of a container along with a reduction in its weight.
    It is similarly used to manufacture bottles that hold different household chemicals.
  • Prevent Deterioration of Food Spoilage:                                                                                           Oxygen is a highly reactive gas for food products it causes the deterioration of some food material.
    Some products contain highly reactive chemicals.
    If we store them in a metal container they may react with it.
    Their chemical reactions with the metal containers in the presence of oxygen may cause adverse effects on the human body and health.
    Therefore, a PET Blowing Machine can effectively remove oxygen in a container to prevent spoilage.
  • Excellent Packaging and Strict Sealing Technology:                                                       Excellent sealing technology reduces the loss of taste of beverages and can effectively prevent the exchange of packaging material.

What are the Advantages of a Fully Automatic PET

Bottle Blowing Machine for your Products?

  • Low Energy Consumption:                                                                                                                                  A Fully Automatic PET Blowing Machine attracts manufacturers to produce high-quality products at low cost and minimum energy consumption.
    It is an environment-friendly alternative for fluorinated gases that are harmful to us.
  • An Efficient Method to Produce Plastic Products with Low Labor Cost:                           A Fully Automatic PET Blowing Machine will reduce the labor cost hence more profit.
    It is a highly efficient and fastest way of producing a large of products within few hours.
    It saves your time and money.
  • To Maximize Profits and Increase the Productivity of Your Business:                             A Fully Automatic PET Blowing Machine produces low-cost alternative products and it is one of the most wanted market trends.
    It maximizes your profits and increases the productivity and profitability of your business.
  • Make Variety of Products:A Fully Automatic PET Blowing Machine enables you to make plastic products in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles.
    A PET Blowing Machine is used to make very attractive and complex designs to grab the attention of an audience.
    It enables you to introduce your brand and unique products to the market with different designs and shapes.

How to Produce Unique Products with a PET Bottle Blowing Machine to Make Your Businesses Stand Out in the Market?

Your product design should have high quality and uniqueness to hook the customer. Little care about macros and micros of the blowing process will help you to produce splendid products.Control the temperature of the oven with an automatic heat-removal device.Any abrupt temperature change can cause damage to your PET bottle.
Adjust width and height of reflector for a suitable temperature of performs.An accurate adjustment of the eccentricity of your bottles and says a lot about your company’s manufacturing process and quality.Check the gap between the stretch rod and the bottom mold, and verify it with suitable tools.The bottom temperature of the bottle must be moderate as recommended by the manufacturer.
Check whether the stretching rod is bent.Use fan cooling for the bottleneck.It will maintain its temperature and prevent softening of the bottleneck.Check electrical component, such as the contactor, relay, time relay, as well as PC, PLC input, output, is marked on the electrical diagram to solve its electrical problems.Determine the function of the board, interface, the meaning of LED lights.
Adjust these parts as recommended by the manufacturers to ensure optimum quality products.

PET bottle blowing machine factory

What are the Common Faults That Affect the Performance of a PET Bottle Blowing Machine and Quality of Your Product?

Proper knowledge of the operating characteristics of a PET Blowing Machine will help you to prevent any mechanical damage to its internal system.

Shock Absorbers:

One of the major issues of industrial process machines is excessive vibration and instability.
It also results in noise.
To overcome this problem PET Blowing Machine comes with high-quality bumpers or shock absorbers to ensure stable process and operation.

Unbalance Voltage Supply:

Always make sure that your PET Blowing Machine has an accurate voltage supply.
It should not exceed more than the specified limit as described by the manufacturers.
It can cause damage to the internal system of your PET Blowing Machine.

Your Bottle Cannot Be Removed after Blowing:

  • You should first open the mold with manual opening and closing.
  • Check your exhaust time setting.
  • Estimate your exhaust valve and open it and check its spring and sealing part.
  • Your exhaust will produce loud or no sound as compared to its normal operation.
  • After inspection, repair it or replace it if necessary.


Check the lifting machine control contractor.
It should be in an electric state.
Also, check the power and load state.
Overloading may result in abrupt changes in the operation and affect your product shape as well as its quality.

Accident Opening of Mold:

Check the locking system of mold.
If the locking force is too big readjust it according to the required level.

Locking System Problem And Its Effective Solution:

A full-automatic self-locking device is the best solution to all locking problems.
It is programmed to automatically handle the situation using special sensors and PLC control systems.

A Button-Shaped Circle at The Bottom of Your Product:

  • The bottom temperature of the material of your product is too high.
  • The pre-blowing time should be accurately defined.
  • The pre-blowing flow is too small and the pressure is too low.                     

How to Choose a Suitable PET Bottle Blowing Machine for Your Bottles or Jars?

If you need the machine for a small business then a low price one-stage process PET Blowing Machine having fewer cavities will be suitable.
But if need it for a large business where massive production is required.
Then choose a two-stage PET Blowing Machine having a large number of cavities.
The two-stage process PET Blowing Machine has 2-4-6-8 cavities.
Here are few important facts that will help you to select the suitable one for your application.

  • Type of bottles or products you want to produce, their volume, shape, neck diameter.It mainly consists of your product configuration and specifications.
  • Supply bottle photos to confirm bottle material if PET or PE.
  • Suggest your production capacity demand that is how many bottles you plan to produce per hour or day. 

What Is an Accurate Stretching Speed of Any PET Bottle in a PET Blowing Machine?

Here are the main points to help you choose the right and accurate stretching speed for your PET Blowing Machine.

  • Calculate the axial stretch ratio for your pet bottle.
  • Calculate the radial stretch ratio for your pet bottle.
  • Now calculate the total stretch ratio given by total strength ratio= axial x radial.

If the stretching ratio is not appropriate, the bottling process will be more difficult to adjust, and the process is not stable.

bottle design

What are the Preventive and Corrective Methods of Maintenance of a PET Blowing Machine for Your Application?

Follow the installation instructions manual for the setup of a PET Blowing Machine.
The control panel of a PET Blowing Machine is divided into 4 sections:

  • Display Area
  • Manual Control Area
  • Parameter setting Area
  • State indication Area

Manual Control Area Of A PET Blowing Machine:
A manual control area has several control keys.
These control keys are used to control the operation mold valve, pressure valve, and seal valve.

  • Use quality lubricates to ensure the smooth operation of a PET Blowing Machine.
  • Check fixed screws of every part.
  • Use clean water and a clean air filter daily.
  • Earth wire should be fixed for safety.
  • Keep your PET Blowing Machine
  • Check for rusting and damaging components in your PET Blowing Machine
  • All the electrical components should be connected correctly and accurately.
  • Use an accurate power supply for your PET Blowing Machine.
  • An unbalanced voltage supply can cause damage to the internal system.
  • Check the air pressure and maintain it to the required level.
  • Change sealing rings when required.

How to Troubleshoot Your PET Blowing Machine Problems?

The Mold Of Your PET Blowing Machine Is Not Moving Or Moving Slowly:

  • Check the electromagnetic valve of mold it will be damaged.
  • Check corresponding electric circuits and repair or change the valve.                      This may also result in the slow movement of your seal and stretch lever.
    Always make sure the electromagnetic valve is working properly.

Programmed Control Is Not Working Normally:
It happens when you don’t reset the hand switch and some of the electrical components of your PET Blowing Machine are damaged.
To overcome this problem:

  • Rest hand switch.
  • Change damaged electrical connections and components.

The Motor Is Not Working

  • Turn on the power supply to check whether it is damaged or not.
  • If it is damaged repair or immediately replaces it with a new one.
  • Check the circuit for the fuse.

The Exhaust Fan Is Not Working

  • Check electric circuits and switch.
  • Repair or change the fan if it is damaged.

Infrared Heater Is Not Working

  • Check power supply.
  • If the infrared heater of your PET Blowing Machine has a bad touching condition then adjust it.
  • Change the heating lamp of your PET Blowing Machine.

Controllers Don’t Work

  • Reset manual mode.
  • Change control plug board if electrical elements are broken.

Your Product Cannot Be Shaped

  • It happens due to low air pressure and inaccurate oven temperature.
  • Adjust the air pressure and maintain it at the required level.
  • Adjust the speed of stretched lever.
  • Set temperature of the oven.
PET bottle blowing machine factory

Is Polyethylene Terephthalate Safe to Use for Food Packaging and Beverages?

Polyethylene terephthalate is safe to use for food and beverages.
It is approved by FDA.
It is completely recyclable and very convenient for different products because of its sustainability.

How High the General Temperature Is to Blow a Bottle?

The temperature to blow a water bottle should be from 90 to 108 degrees.

What Are the Controlling Devices in a PET Blowing Machine?

A PET Blowing Machine differentiate a low-pressure and high-pressure condition with the help of the sensors by different types of signals and alarms.A sensor is a simple device that uses different logic gates.It detects the physical parameters of a process, converts it into an electrical signal, and acts accordingly.A pressure sensor will detect the high and low-pressure situation and perform its action as instructed in its built-in program.

full atuomatic bottle blowing machine


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