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– Our PET Jar Blowing Machine Uesd for Producing Water Bottle , Juice Bottle , Beverage Bottles

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MAIWEI PET Jar Blowing Machine-Your Reliable Manufacturer and Business Partner

MAIWEI is the largest PET Jar Blowing Machine manufacturer that offers professional services and strides towards the world with high profile attitude. We have a strong production team contributing to blowing machine development and focusing on advent technologies for better PET jar production. With its complimentary services and remarkable reputation, MAIWEI has successfully made significant sales in domestic and overseas markets.

MAIWEI has introduced the PET Jar Blowing Machine of multiple types and specifications for small-scale and large-scale applications. Full automatic, semi-automatic blowing machines, automatic machines for wide neck bottles, and 20ltr PET blowing machines for large volume jars. You can also ask for customized design and off-sale services. Our experienced team is dedicated to offering the best solutions and suggestions for your PET jar business development.

Owning our twenty years of extensive experience and vast expertise in the manufacturing field, we have gained a worldwide reputation among stakeholders. Customers worldwide are now moving towards MAIWEI to get satisfactory solutions for their PET jar business.

Our jar blowing machines are renowned for their various functions, ISO certification, and durability. We use high-quality branded components for machine production, such as servo motors, hydraulic clamping systems, FESTO combination valves, conveyors, etc. Considering the actual needs of your PET industry, we assure you to fabricate your PET Jar Blowing Machine with energy-saving and fast production features.

If you are interested in purchasing PET Jar Blowing Machine for your business support, please contact our sales team and let them know your queries. You can contact us via phone or compose an e-mail for your detailed requirements. We will surely provide quality services and price of conscience to assure customer care and satisfaction. Our wide range of jar-making machines is available at the best reasonable price.

Excellent Benefits of MAIWEI PET Jar Blowing Machine

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High Efficient Production

A double row lamp in the water jar making machine provides an efficient heating source for the quick blowing of preforms and PET jars/bottle production. Servo motors and servo conveying systems increase the machine's operational efficiency by constantly transferring preforms.

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Long Service Life

The PET Jar Blowing Machine frame is treated with high-temperature plastic spray to assure its protection and durability. The molds are also protected from rust by electroplating. Staring gears and machine valves are fabricated with a coating material for rust protection and longer service life.

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Energy Saving

There is a specified system for placing preforms close together in the heating zone. Preforms take less time for heating, and energy remains save from extra consumption. Servo driving system is helpful in large volume PET jars production and saves 30 percent power during operation.

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Delivery in Minimum Time

The maximum delivery time of MAIWEI is thirty days. The sales team undergoes all shipment processes after order placement and ensures product delivery at the exact time. All blowing machines are available at competitive rates. Technicians are available to provide technical support and training as per requisite.

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Smooth Operation

The preforms feeding system is highly stable, which makes operation easy and reliable. It feasibly allows the feeding of different size bottles in the jar machine for blowing. The suction cup feeding system makes operation easy and smooth and saves the costs required for manual feeding operations.

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Reliable Customer Care

Our plastic jar machines are labeled with CE and ISO certification for customer care and satisfaction. Five-year guarantee is given on each purchase. The sales department offers 24/7 online and off-sale services. Engineers are available to communicate in English for easy understanding of customers.

Full Automatic PET Jar Blowing Machine: 20ml-2000ml, Max 10000BPH

wide neck PET blowing mahcine

Full Automatic PET Jar Blowing Machine is two-step blow-down equipment that runs automatically and blows jars/bottles of different designs and sizes.

It has a low defective rate, fast speed, and power-saving branded components. Different capacity bottles ranging from 20ml to 2l are made by it.

Plastic water bottles, beverage bottles, cooking oil bottles, PET pesticide bottles, PET plastic containers, and hot filling bottles are its primary applications.

Features and Advantages

Full Automatic Large Volume PET Jar Blowing Machine: 5L to 20L

6 cavity full automatic blowing machine

Full Automatic Large Volume PET Jar Blowing Machine comprises the best preheating and servo driving system for the perfect production of large volume bottles/jars.

Water jars, cooking oil bottles, nuts jars, 20liter PET jars, mineral water bottles, and spices jars of capacity 5l to 20l are the application scope of this machine.

Features and Advantages

Automatic Wide Neck PET Jar Blowing Machine

PET Water Bottle Making Machine

The Automatic Wide Neck PET Jar Blowing Machine is the best choice for producing wide neck PET jars. It assures stable performance by having PLC controlling system and automated conveyors for conveying preforms.

Its primary production is cosmetic jars, candy jars, powder jars, honey jars, yogurt jars, oil jars, etc.

Features and Advantages

Semi-Automatic PET Jar Blowing Machine

semi auto blowing machine

Semi-Automatic PET Jar Blowing Machine is a hand feeding equipment that can produce different size PET jars of volume 100ml to 20l.

It is equipped with a blow heating system and pre-blow system and has a function to discard jars of a whitening appearance.

Soda water bottles, mineral bottles, cosmetics jars, PET food packaging bottles, oil bottles, juice bottles, PET wine bottles, and so on are credibly manufactured by this semi-automatic jar-making machine.

Features and Advantages

PET Bottle Blowing Mahcine---PET Blowing Machine Manufacturer In China - 10 Years Guarantee

PET Bottle Blowing MahcinePET Bottle Blowing Machine Manufacturer In China – 10 Years Guarantee

MAIWEI Machinery is one of the most professional PET bottle blowing machine manufacturer in China, we have more than 15 years manufacturing experiences of PET blowing machine. MAIWEI can make full automatic blowing machine with competitive price, and MAIWEI PET bottle blowing machine can fulfill your production of mineral water bottle, drinking water bottle, drink water bottle, juice PET bottle, and carbonated drink bottles

MAIWEI PET bottle blowing machine is special for producing your PET bottles,plastic bottle, which also named PET bottle blowing machine, MAIWEI has a wide range model for your different production of PET bottles, our PET bottle blowing machine has production capacity from 2000 to 8000 bottles per hour and bottle volume from 10ml to max 20 liters.

With more than 20 professional and experienced technicians, MAIWEI has updated its PET bottle blowing machine with high precision, high productivity and competitive price, the PET bottle blowing machine use rotary preform loading and servo motor system, it can ensure the machines works fast with stability

MAIWEI PET bottle blowing machine is very easy to operate, by adopting human-machine interface and PLC controller, you can use all function in the same touch screen. The innovative design of oven helps to minimize the distance of heating lamps, so MAIWEI PET bottle blowing machine can maximize the heating efficiency and save power, this will save cost to return your invest in a short time.

World famous brand part, such as cylinder, valve, PLC, used in machine ensures the PET bottle blowing machine with a longer life and running more stably and smoothly, and it is also very convenient for you to find changing parts in local area.

MAIWEI has a strong production group, this can ensure the delivery of the PET bottle blowing machine on time of the order, and also make pet bottle machine in a competitive price, our factory has a production capacity of 20 sets of PET bottle blowing machine each month. MAIWEI also send spare parts and easy broken parts for your one year use. our installation technicians are available oversea to install PET bottle blowing machine and train your operators in your factory. The online service group can service for you 24 hours online.

To make the faster, the stable and more competitive price PET bottle blowing machine is the MAIWEI ’s mission, MAIWEI PET bottle blowing machine is your best choice for your higher speed, more stable production of PET bottles, beside PET bottle blowing machine, MAIWEI also manufactures PET molding machine, plastic PET bottle blowing machine with 2 cavity, 4 cavity, 6 cavity and 8 cavity in a reasonable price. Send your bottles picture to get an exact machine price now.  


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