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PET Preform Mould

– Pin Valve Gate, Servo Motors, Hot Runner System, Water Channels, Interchangeable Parts Competitive Price, CE Certification, Free Spare Parts, 5 Years Warranty, Technical Support

MAIWEI PET Preform Mould-The Best Optimal Business Partner and Advisor

MAIWEI is a world-renowned manufacturer that has made efforts to introduce moulding technologies in PET Preform Mould. Our technical engineers work in advanced managing systems, increasing mould production capacity to maintain strong competitiveness. Our professional experts are dedicated to inheriting responsibility from order placement to equipment delivery. Thus the fulfillment of obligation is the base of quality and trust development among clients and enterprises.

MAIWEI has now developed into a modern enterprise to offer you PET Preform Mould with a diverse variety and specifications. Small-size plastic injection moulds, plastic injection moulds for juice, water, hot filling, and wide neck preform moulds are commonly available. You can request to get a quote or send a picture for further details.

For two decades of consecutive working experience, MAIWEI is now becoming more popular among international clients. Customers worldwide desire to collaborate with us, considering our preform mould quality and after-sale customers care. We are now highly praised among home and abroad customers for our excellent services, high quality, and reasonable prices.

We use branded components and introduce advent technology in preform moulds to increase the mould production rate. Installation of servo motors, pin valve gates, branded electric control systems, and water channels has bestowed our PET preform mould machinery with CE and ISO9001 certification. Our professional customer care team is available 24/7 to provide technical support and installation guidelines. We also offer customization services based on interchangeable cavity components and converting programs.

Do you desire to purchase reliable PET Preform Mould to manufacture preforms of different shapes and designs? MAIWEI is a reliable brand that warmly welcomes you for establishing cooperation and business development. We strive to be your one-stop shop to meet all your preform moulds needs. Commence on a call or compose an email to our sales team for your order confirmation at a reasonable price. We are eager to quickly introduce our Plastic Injection Preform Mould with minimal hassle worldwide.

Excellent Benefits of MAIWEI PET Preform Mould

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Maximum Production

The hot runner system of pin valve type runs smoothly, increasing the production rate and reducing the processing cycle's duration. The presence of connecting rods increases machine movement and working efficiency for quick preforms manufacturing.

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Low Energy Consumption

Pressure holding and charging on moulds occur synchronously and shorten the preform production cycle by 20 to 30%. Installation of a servo control system increases working efficiency and saves 40 to 60% of electricity from consumption.

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Delivery in Minimum Time

The maximum duration of jar preform mould delivery is 30 days. MAIWEI sales team assures to take the order and deliver the product quickly. QC Testing and packaging are accessory processes that are indeed performed before shipment.

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Running Smoothly

The heating system provides excellent heating to melt PET material. Heat coils keep the nozzle at a constant temperature for smooth operation. The branded heating system also increases the hot runner system's heating capacity for smooth operation and long service life.

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Easy to Operate

Preform mould is easy to operate because it comprises a copper plate in preform moulds that is wear-resistant and efficient. Servo motors regulate the injection movement and accuracy for precise preform production and make operation easy.

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Reliable Customer Care

Our pet preform moulds are stamped with ISO9001 and CE certification for customer care and satisfaction. We offer you five years warranty, an English manual for easy understanding, and installation team and guide videos for machine installation.

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Lifetime Technical Support

QC team is available for strict testing on each mould before delivery. Expert engineers are available to provide you with on-site testing and installation services. We offer you spare parts and interchangeable mould components to facilitate you with full technical support.

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High Convert Ratio

Preform moulds are available with multiple cavities that are changed as requisite. Interchangeable spare parts can change the neck, cavity, and core based on the required preform shape and size.

28mm, 30mm, 45mm, 55mm Neck Drinking Water Bottle PET Preform Mould

24 cavity pet preform mould

28mm, 30mm, 45mm, and 55mm Neck Drinking Water Bottle PET Preform Moulds are updated with advanced self-locking technology. It assures no decentration during operation. 

Under high precision and exchangeable part options, it produces diverse categories of mineral water bottles, juice bottles, carbonated drinks, etc.

Features and Advantages

60-120mm Wide Neck PET Preform Mould

wide neck pet preform mould

60-120mm Wide Neck PET Preform Moulds are designed to improve the production rate. It is equipped with a dual taper and off-center adjustment system that lessens the thickness error in preforms production.

Preforms for candy jars, yogurt, and cosmetic containers of 60 to 120mm volume are manufactured by it.

Features and Advantages

Juice, Hot Filling Bottle PET Preform Mould

plastic injection preform mould

Juice, Hot Filling Bottle Plastic Injection Preform Mould comprises of pin valve gate for a quick PET injection operation. It works on low thermal expansion rate and low electricity consumption and preforms manufacturing at reliable rates.

Fruit bottles, juice bottles, and hot filling bottle preforms are mainly designed using this injection machine.

Features and Advantages

5 Gallon 20 Liter PET Preform Mould

5 gallon pet preform mould

5 Gallon 20 Liter Water Bottle PET Preform Mould has multiple functions and a precise controlling system. 80% of the components of moulds are replaceable, and its multi-cavity option makes it more useful among industrial users. Milk bottles, water cans, and beverage bottle preforms for 20l volume are its primary production.

Features and Advantages

MAIWEI, Your Go-To China Manufacturer of The Best PET Preform Mould

Beside PET bottle blowing machine, MAIWEI is also specialized in PET Preform Mould. As the leading manufacturer of PET Preform Mould, MAIWEI offer you one stop solution for your PET preform production, not only supply you preform mould, also the injection machine and assistant equipment such as hopper dryer, dehumidifier, water chiller.

The specification of MAIWEI PET Preform Mould: 1-16 cavity, 24 cavity, 26 cavity, 32 cavity, 48 cavity, 72 cavity with neck finish ROPP, ALASKA,PCO1881, 30/25, 29/25, 26/22, 38mm, 48mm, 50-150mm, and also MAIWEI supply your customized service according to your preform samples or drawing.

The hot runner system is used in MAIWEI PET Preform Mould to reduce the level of AA value , and valve gate employed to make the preform without tail to save your labor, reasonable designed cooling channels to increase cooling effect and shorten your preform production cycling time.

The mold base material is steel P20 with chroming to avoid preform mold corruption. For the preform mould core, cavity, and screw, MAIWEI use S136 from Sweden, and needle valve from Japan, insulated pad from American, can ensure the hardness and long life of the preform mold more than 2 millions shots.

MAIWEI PET Preform Mould heating system adopts plug type, it is very easy to change the heating bar for mold below 48 cavity, no need to open the mold which will take long time and cause damage to preform mould.

MAIWEI preform mould install copper plate which is wear-resisting and less noise during preform production. The use of standard PID temperature controller is easy for you to adjust the temperature of each cavity preform.

The tolerance weight of preform form MAIWEI PET Preform Mould can be controlled within 0.1 grams base on the advanced mould design. And MAIWEI supply you 2-4 sets of die core, die cavity and screw, 3 sets of heating bar as spare parts, which can ensure you 3-5 years use.

Just tell us your preform neck diameter, weight and number of cavity, we can quote you best price of your PET Preform Mould and preform production line machines.


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