PET Water Bottle Making Machine

Stretch Blow Moulding

– This machine adopts rotary perform loading system,which is very stable and reliable and applicable of different size of preform.


MAIWEI Stretch Blow Moulding -Your Trustworthy Manufacturer and Reliable Business Partner

MAIWEI is the leading manufacturer and supplier renowned among international clients for offering high-quality Stretch Blow Moulding equipment. Our R&D team and technical engineers always focus on innovations and development to maximize machine performance. We use different quality parameters to test the molding machine before shipment and assure its quality and credibility at an international forum.

Our Stretch Blow Moulding is appreciated in the global market for CE and ISO certification, low power consumption, and easy operations. We have launched a full stock of supreme quality blow moulding machines by keeping track of the latest technology and market development. Our most popular customer-oriented machines are fully automatic, semi-automatic, automatic Stretch Blow Moulding of the wide neck, and automatic machines of large volume.

Since our inception, the MAIWEI production team has worked sincerely to come up with the emerging needs of customers across the globe. With two decades of production experience, we have designed comprehensive two-phase Stretch Blow Moulding with ensured customer satisfaction.

MAIWEI has equipped its wide variety of Stretch Blow Moulding with pneumatic branded components such as servo motors, infrared ovens, hydraulic clamps, and a PLC controller. We have also introduced an air recovery system in our moulding machine that saves 30 percent power by recovering exhausted air. High-quality components and comprehensive patent design have increased our products’ service life and credibility.

If you are interested in purchasing Stretch Blow Moulding to produce PET bottles of different designs, you need to come to MAIWEI’s platform. You will surely get all of the services from your business care to product delivery in the shortest time.

Our sales team is committed to assisting you with before, and after-sale service and thoroughly tries to give an expedited answer to your every query. So contact us today for your order confirmation at a competitive price by phone or email. You can also leave your contact number or send a picture of a machine for which you want details.

Excellent Benefits of MAIWEI Stretch Blow Moulding

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High Efficient Production

Preforming mandrels and variable pitch systems with servo motors increases PET bottle production efficiency when working together. This system shortens the time required for preform placing in molds. It stabilizes variable pitch changing and produces a broader preform distance to handle different design bottles.

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Easy Operation

Branded electrical components and spare parts make operation easy.PLC controller with a large touch screen provides an easy preface for machine operating. The use of a touch screen saves thirty sets of data. Hydraulic molds clamping system assists machine to runs stably.

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Energy Saving

Bottle blowing process and preforms are two processes that consume much power. An air recovery system is installed in the machine to mitigate production costs. It reabsorbs almost 30 percent of exhausted air for reuse and decreases the rate of energy consumption.

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Advance Heating System

Our moulding machine has an advanced venting design of PET preforms and lamps. The closed loop provides uniform heating for quick stretching and blowing of bottles. The infrared oven preheats the preform in mandrels at forming temperature. Cooling ramps assure protection of preform necks from deformation.

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Delivery in Minimum Time

MAIWEI sales team assures dispatching the machine from the company in the shortest delivery time. Foreign clients can get delivery within thirty days after ordering and all initiative documentation. Test and check are necessarily made before molding machine shipment. Customers can also get a short video of the machine operating after your requisite.

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Reliable Customer Care

Customers can avail of MAIWEI's 24 hours online sale servicing and after-sale technical support. Equipment with five years warranty and extra spare parts are delivered to the customers' address. Engineers and technocrats also provide site services for machine installation or repairing/maintenance.

Full Automatic Stretch Blow Moulding: 20ml-2000ml, Max 10000BPH

wide neck PET blowing mahcine

Full Automatic Stretch Blow Moulding is of economically optimized design. It efficiently manufactures bottles in two stages. In the first stage, PET preforms are prepared. In the second stage, preforms are preheated, stretched, and blown in precise shape and design.

Different size bottles ranging from 20ml to 2l are credibly blown as juice bottles, water bottles, cosmetics bottles, and edible oil bottles.

Features and Advantages

Full Automatic Large Volume Stretch Blow Moulding: 5L to 20L

6 cavity full automatic blowing machine

Full Automatic Large Volume Stretch Blow Moulding is special for manufacturing large volume PET bottles.

Preforms of large water cans, cleaner, medical, catchup, oil, and milk bottles ranging from 5l to 20l are stretched and blown by it.

Features and Advantages

Automatic Wide Neck Stretch Blow Moulding

PET Water Bottle Making Machine

Automatic Wide Neck Stretch Blow Moulding is the best choice for producing wide-mouth PET jars and bottles. Cosmetic containers, honey jars, hot-filling bottles, candy jars, yogurt jars, etc., are commonly manufactured.

Advance PLC and precise preform conveying increase its precision and stability for PET bottle production.

Features and Advantages

Semi-Automatic Stretch Blow Moulding

semi auto blowing machine

Semi-Automatic Stretch Blow Moulding is a traditional PET bottle blowing model manually operated by working personnel.

This blow molding makes bottles of any shape ranging from 100ml to 20l. Carbonated drink bottles, mineral water bottles, hot-filling bottles, oil bottles, cosmetics bottles, etc., are its primary production.

Features and Advantages

PET Bottle Blowing Mahcine---PET Blowing Machine Manufacturer In China - 10 Years Guarantee

PET Bottle Blowing MahcinePET Bottle Blowing Machine Manufacturer In China – 10 Years Guarantee

MAIWEI Machinery is one of the most professional PET bottle blowing machine manufacturer in China, we have more than 15 years manufacturing experiences of PET blowing machine. MAIWEI can make full automatic blowing machine with competitive price, and MAIWEI PET bottle blowing machine can fulfill your production of mineral water bottle, drinking water bottle, drink water bottle, juice PET bottle, and carbonated drink bottles

MAIWEI PET bottle blowing machine is special for producing your PET bottles,plastic bottle, which also named PET bottle blowing machine, MAIWEI has a wide range model for your different production of PET bottles, our PET bottle blowing machine has production capacity from 2000 to 8000 bottles per hour and bottle volume from 10ml to max 20 liters.

With more than 20 professional and experienced technicians, MAIWEI has updated its PET bottle blowing machine with high precision, high productivity and competitive price, the PET bottle blowing machine use rotary preform loading and servo motor system, it can ensure the machines works fast with stability

MAIWEI PET bottle blowing machine is very easy to operate, by adopting human-machine interface and PLC controller, you can use all function in the same touch screen. The innovative design of oven helps to minimize the distance of heating lamps, so MAIWEI PET bottle blowing machine can maximize the heating efficiency and save power, this will save cost to return your invest in a short time.

World famous brand part, such as cylinder, valve, PLC, used in machine ensures the PET bottle blowing machine with a longer life and running more stably and smoothly, and it is also very convenient for you to find changing parts in local area.

MAIWEI has a strong production group, this can ensure the delivery of the PET bottle blowing machine on time of the order, and also make pet bottle machine in a competitive price, our factory has a production capacity of 20 sets of PET bottle blowing machine each month. MAIWEI also send spare parts and easy broken parts for your one year use. our installation technicians are available oversea to install PET bottle blowing machine and train your operators in your factory. The online service group can service for you 24 hours online.

To make the faster, the stable and more competitive price PET bottle blowing machine is the MAIWEI ’s mission, MAIWEI PET bottle blowing machine is your best choice for your higher speed, more stable production of PET bottles, beside PET bottle blowing machine, MAIWEI also manufactures PET molding machine, plastic PET bottle blowing machine with 2 cavity, 4 cavity, 6 cavity and 8 cavity in a reasonable price. Send your bottles picture to get an exact machine price now.  


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